Why Choose Linear DCS?

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Energy-efficient dual-evaporator chillers

Medium of heat transfer (water) in direct contact with ice

Circulation of chilled water (non-hazardous and non-toxic)

Consistent leaving water-temperature of 1.1°C

Wider temperature differential (up to 10-11°C compared to 6.6°C for conventional chilled water system)

Requires lower flow-rate, thus lower energy consumption

Smaller system components (AHU, heat exchanger, pumps, distribution pipes etc) - more energy savings

Better control of humidity for better comfort


Cost Benefit Analysis - Cost Comparison Chart

Total Savings/Year: RM1.46 Million
Payback based on the above numbers: 4.2 years
The Curve is considered a small project. Savings will be exponentially greater for bigger projects.


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